Thursday, August 20, 2015

Barfing Faces

1st Movement (27 megs)
2nd Movement (17 megs)

Here's the recording of the first movement of last night's jam with 5-Track (guitar) and Patrick Lenon (drums).  Why "barfing faces"?  Well, because I clearly lack basic common sense and good-taste.  But also because Five and Patrick are also a duo called The Walking Faces.  Not convinced yet?  Also, at least partly because the rental car I was driving that evening smelled more than a bit barfy.  And, perhaps most importantly because the music often possessed what Colonel Bruce Hampton would call "the threat of vomit" (a good thing, in his book).

Monday, August 3, 2015

Astrol Waters at Hobbitstock-2015

Clip A (21 megs)
Clip B (37 megs)

 Here are the rough recordings from Astrol Waters' set at Hobbitstock 2015.  Astrol Waters is apparently now the name of the group that first played together at Tim's Tavern as Samsarama.  For this set, players included 5-Track (guitar), Ty Berry (voice and trumpet), Brandon Herzberg (guitar), Ben Ireland (drums), William Mapp (drums), and Me Woods (bass) ... and possibly others, there was a lot going on!.

(The photo at the top left here is of Immanent Transcendence, who gently pried the lid off of the evening at 8pm sharp, while there was still some daylight.)

I haven't listened to these too carefully yet, but a quick note is in order for those who weren't there:  Before the first set, as I was transitioning over to the electric bass from the previous jam on the bass-box, I hit the 15db pad on the direct-box to keep from deafening everyone with the pop.  As I should've suspected, I forgot to un-pad it before we started playing and so -- while the mix sounded pretty great where I was -- the bass may have been mostly non-existent out front until whenever I realized what had happened.  For the second clip, the bass is plennnnnty loud!

More on the beautiful experience that was Hobbitstock-2015 soon!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Samsarama at Tim's Tavern

Full Set

Here's the set from June 25th (a Thursday during a unusually hot spell of weather for Seattle) with Brandon Herzberg's improv-project, "Samsarama".  The lineup for this particular evening was 5-Track (Guitar), Herzberg himself (Guitar), Patrick Lenon (kit, first half of the set), Sheridan Riley (kit, second half of the set), and Me Woods (Bass), PLUS Ty Berry on voice/spoken-word and Trumpet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Six Sided Cube at the Widdershins Solstice Party

Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3

Here are the recordings from an unusually hot (temperature-wise, at the very least) extended set to open up the Widdershins' 2015 Summer Solstice Party!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Six Sided Cube at Beats and Bohos

Movie Clip A (108 megs)
Movie Clip B (90 megs)
Movie Clip C (117 megs)

Audio Clip A (3 megs)
Audio Clip B (2 megs)
Audio Clip C (4 megs)
Audio Clip D (4 megs)
Audio Clip E (5 megs)

Here are some short clips from our set last Friday at Beats and Bohos, for their yearly art-walk.  So much to discuss here about the evening and the set, but for now:  Thanks to Woody Frank for joining us for the second half of the set -- starting at clip D above -- and thanks to everybody for coming out and listening and hope you enjoy these exerpts!

UPDATE (6/25/15): Sheridan's friend (Dio?) took some video of the show.  Somewhere, there's supposedly a view from the front, but all we have at the moment is this second angle from behind the kit.  So I added some layers and made a couple of short clips (exactly matching the lengths of the audio clips from before).  More soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Six Sided Cube (Late April)

Movement 1 Unedited
Movement 2 Unedited
Movement 3 Unedited
Movement 4 Unedited

Here are some unedited rough-mixes from last night's Six Sided Cube session.  More infos soon!