Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bad Spoons

1st Movement (available below from Cosmic Primitive!)
2nd Movement (available below from Cosmic Primitive!)
3rd Movement (available below from Cosmic Primitive!)
4th Movement (available below from Cosmic Primitive!)

Here are the roughly-assembled movements from last night's jam with Marc Cantlin (guitar), 5-track (guitar, bass-in-4th-movement), and Me (bass, guitar-in-4th-movement).  UPDATE: material from this session is now a Cosmic Primitive album-release, so I'm removing the raw recordings ... here's a link to the released-album from the same material

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Six Sided Cube March

1st Movement (18 megs)
Video Clip A (190 megs)
Video Clip B (204 megs)
Video Clip C (293 megs)
Video Clip E (291 megs)

On Weds, March 11th, Sheridan (drums), Five (guitar) and I (bass) got together for another session.  I had enjoyed watching Five's guerilla video from the previous one, so this time I brought out my SLR and my multi-input setup so we could place a few close-mics and rebalance the sound a bit in post.  Here's the recording of the first and possibly most-coherent overall movement...? (where I hadn't started the video-capture yet), AND a series of short video clips from the later 2 movements, during which there were also plenty of high-points.