Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Toast Fantasy at SP20!

First Three (and a half) Pieces (23 megs)

On November 17th, Toast Fantasy played its first show (!) at my work's 20th-Birthday party in a brand-new high-rise in downtown Bellevue.  This was certainly an unusual event for a first show.  But in spite of the distractions of a hundred current and former coworkers and their relatives and friends, it seemed the music was very well recieved!  Lots of great things happened that night -- not least of which was just successfully stringing together some songs in front of a live audience for the first time -- but I thought the opening jam and the first three tunes (Static, Your Song, Aphid Tea) were particularly energized, so I've included them here.

Toast Fantasy Show's Eve Runthrough!

Under The Tent Outro (3 megs)
Albright and Kalm (8 megs)

Here are a couple brief snippets from what was a very satisfying rehearsal on the Eve of our first show.  The first clip was the tail of the jam after "Under the Tent", and the second was our first real run-through of Five's "Albright and Kalm".

Friday, November 3, 2017

Toast Fantasy Early November Session!

Warmup (12 megs)

Here's the warmup jam from the top of a session where the Toast Fantasy catalog really started to glow and burst.  Can't wait to share the colorful cocktail this group has been mixing up!

(perhaps I'll update next week with some song-slivers and jams from later in the evening...?)