Monday, May 27, 2019

'Map of the Woods' April 22nd Capture Session

Warmup Jam (8 megs)

Here's a pleasantly weird, reckless, mellow, and oddly satisfying warmup jam from the session where we captured video and multitrack audio for You and I.  This one features Woody Frank on bass, Adrian Woods on the whisper-kit, and Me Woods on guitar.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April 10th "Today" Capture Session!

Singularity Jam (4 megs)
Golden Bear (7 megs)
Woody's New Tune Pieces

Here are a couple of bonus audio-tracks from the day we captured the live/studio video for "Today".  The first clip is our warmup jam dedicated to the recent first-photos-of-a-black-hole.  The second is an edited rough capture of an instrumental called "Golden Bear".  This was the first time we sortof strung the whole thing together, and we were probably more focused on the structure than the jamming -- with what is likely to become a heavily improv-extended tune -- but some nice stuff happened anyway!

Mostly for band reference, I'm also including a third clip of us running various pieces of a strong idea Woody brought in!