Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Experimental Recording Session

Prelude to a Power Ballad (4 megs)
Blue Rose (15 megs)

Here are a couple of clips from an experimental recording session last week with 5-Track (guitar), Woody Frank (guitar), Patrick Lenon (drums), Sheridan Riley (drums), and Me Woods (bass).

In the first clip, we had just finished setting up the multitracking gear and immediately dove into a level-check jam.  This is a slightly truncated mix of that.

The second piece is a hypnotic psych-jam, called out by Five at the very end of the session.  Felt like this one could go on forever.  Might be that we'll use a short piece of this in the final tune!

A nice blend of sounds, I thought!  I'm also very much looking forward to sharing some of the material from the main session, but more on that later.