Thursday, August 16, 2018

Toast Fantasy August Studio Session!

Warmup Jam (10 megs)

Here's the warmup jam from Toast Fantasy's August 13th studio session.  These warmups often seem extra steady and unambitious (usually in a good way) after setting up all the gear ... a sort of settling process perhaps.  The mix is barely beginning to develop here (super rough eq/level/room pass so far) but I'm already loving the sound and looking forward to pulling together the tunes we tracked later in the evening!

(I almost forgot: This was also my first session with my new MarkBass cabinet!  I finally traded in the old Aguilar for a 210 and am sooooo happy!  The Aguilar was a great fit for the NeonBrown years, but the 12" speaker just wasn't notching well in this 2-guitar group.  The new cab handles an extra 100 watts and the 10" speakers naturally push the frequencies I was craving (and it's freaky-light!  Actually lighter than the old one).  You'll notice the highs are radically rolled off in this mix ... an approach I'm really digging at the moment ... pretty close to the sound that was coming straight out of the cab after some radical shaping with a graphic EQ pedal (without the EQ it sounds closer to my old sound, but with much better presence and penetration in the mix ... so it feels like I'll have lots of options going forward!)