Friday, May 15, 2015

Six Sided Cube at Beats and Bohos

Movie Clip A (108 megs)
Movie Clip B (90 megs)
Movie Clip C (117 megs)

Audio Clip A (3 megs)
Audio Clip B (2 megs)
Audio Clip C (4 megs)
Audio Clip D (4 megs)
Audio Clip E (5 megs)

Here are some short clips from our set last Friday at Beats and Bohos, for their yearly art-walk.  So much to discuss here about the evening and the set, but for now:  Thanks to Woody Frank for joining us for the second half of the set -- starting at clip D above -- and thanks to everybody for coming out and listening and hope you enjoy these exerpts!

UPDATE (6/25/15): Sheridan's friend (Dio?) took some video of the show.  Somewhere, there's supposedly a view from the front, but all we have at the moment is this second angle from behind the kit.  So I added some layers and made a couple of short clips (exactly matching the lengths of the audio clips from before).  More soon!