Monday, November 9, 2009

Woodland Acoustic Orchestra (October 2009)!

Set 1  (50 megs)
Set 2 (46 megs)

Here's another Woodland Acoustic Orchestra show, featuring a stirring quartet of Dennis Jolin (Percussion and Voice), Ian McKagen (Guitar and Voice), Jesse Silvertrees (Djembe, Piano, and Voice) and Me Woods (Charango, Trumpet and Voice). I had a lot of fun this evening! A pleasant sense of abandon bubbled throughout, with just enough cohesion to keep us moving through distinct realms and passages.

The Chai-House-Provided theme for the evening was "Hallo-Fiend Band-Snatchers", and indeed we were missing quite a few of our regulars. Just who could these band-snatchers be? I for one am beginning to suspect the minions of my old nemesis "Idle Hands", who has also managed to gobble up all of the time that I had intended to put into writing up this post and instead confuse me into creating music and sound-effects for his first ever videogame . Typical!! I'd already spent several weeks as his captive, crafting a "theme-song" for the occasion of the release of his Vinyl Toy. This latest project is a new (iPhone based) installment in Kevin Kinell's clever and highly addictive old-school RPG, "Yipe!", with all new art by Idle Hands' principal minion, Mr. Dylan Sisson.

Perhaps, if I can escape Mr. Hands' clutches over the next few weeks, I will write up an addendum to this post highlighting some of my favorite musical passages from the evening, but until I'm free again I'll have to leave any of that sort of detailed documentation to you (here in the comments). Pray for me! And, if you get a chance to put together a care package, I really enjoy candy-corn (and my nails could use some filing...hint, hint...ahem).

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Idle Hands said...

Mr. Woods,

This is Idle Hands.

You only have yourself to blame Mr. Woods! Only yourself!!! Hahahahahahaahahhah!


Idle Hands