Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WEGO: Chai-Stock!

WEGO set (47 megs)

Here is the recording from WEGO's performance at the first (hopefully annual…?) Chai-House reunion festival: Chai-Stock! The orchestra for this mid-afternoon performance included Woody Frank (guitar and voice), Dennis Jolin (electro-uke), Ian McKagan (guitar and voice), Jesse Silvertrees (djembe and voice), Evan Strauss (bass and voice), and Me Woods (percussion, glockenspiel, trumpet, and voice). Gerry Amandes generously offered up his spacious studio -- the perfect venue for a day of music that kicked off shortly after noon and went until well after midnight.

(Coinciding with Cinco de Mayo, this came less than a day after our first (highly-successful!) studio session for some sort of album… Most of that will be cut down into song-structures, but it's possible there will also be a few extended rock-outs that I can post here in the coming months.)


Anonymous said...

can i be on it?

F R E E L A B said...

Was that Dennis?? ;)) Yeah, we'll have to track you onto the edited "songs"!