Monday, February 23, 2015

Six Sided Quiet

Video Clip (506 megs)
2nd Movement (37 megs)
3rd Movement (20 megs)

Here's a panoramic from our super-restrained-volume session last week (Five's neighbor -- *across* the street -- apparently just sits around next to his front window waiting for something rhythmic to tempt him with the devil's gyrations, at which point, he telephones directly to the landlord to preserve his purity.)

On listening back, my first take was that the attempt to get by at such a low volume had resulted in a sound that was too unbalanced to bother posting anything.  But Five had filmed the first movement, and so I decided to take the last 10 minutes of it and add the audio from the Edirol.  The bass is a bit buried and you can't see Sheridan perhaps at all, but I think it's still a nice taste of the evening's good musical vibes.

UPDATE (2/26): just added 5's mixes of the second and third movements!

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