Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chaistock, Fall 2015!

WEGO (46 megs)
Astrol Waters (49 megs)

Another magical Chaistock has come and gone!  (this past Sunday, as I write)  Here are recordings of the two projects I played with:

WEGO -- on the back stage, with 5-Track (guitar), Woody Frank (guitar and voice), Patrick Lenon (drums second half), Ian McKagan (guitar and voice), Zack Milstead (harmonica first half and bass second half), Sheridan Riley (drums first half), and Me Woods (bass first half and vocals throughout).

Astrol Waters -- on the front stage, with 5-Track (guitar), Ty Berry (voice), B.W.H. (guitar), Reed Hutchins (voice), Sheridan Riley (drums), and Me Woods (bass).

(Here's a photo of WEGO)

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Ty said...

Amazing, thanks for sharing Mr Woods