Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January Toast Fantasy Composition Conference!

movie clip of the warmup jam (199 megs)
movie clip from "You and I" (temp title) chorus riff (19 megs)
movie clip from "Falling" addition (10 megs)

At this past Monday's Fantasy Toast, we spent a bunch of time exploring new compositions, including a half-complete composition I've been working on, a revival (and extension) of Neon Brown's stripped-down "Falling" (by Adrian, who also improvised the changeup riff on his toy piano -- which you can hear us playing in the second clip above), and a super promising new piece by Woody.

My usual audio-recorder was out of batteries, so I captured some cool footage (with atrocious audio) on my iPhone.  I even decided to post a low-res version of most of the 10-minute warmup jam (in spite of the abrasive unbalanced audio).  The photos here are lifted out of the full-res video.

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