Saturday, July 7, 2018

Toast Fantasy Aborted Studio Recording Session!

Warmup Jam (12 megs)

(temporary bonus tracks for the band and other early-birds:)

Toast Fantasy had scheduled a studio tracking-session for this particular Friday in early July, but the MOTU 828 would consistently crash every time we tried to launch DP.  Adrian patiently tried to debug the problem for most of an hour before we gave up and decided to play with some new structures instead.  By the end of the evening, we'd made so much progress on completely new material that I think all four of us were grateful that things had gone as they had.

The first clip is the 10 minute warmup-jam/purge after we had finally given up on the multitracking setup.  "Falling" is a capture of Adrian's idea for a dynamic arrangement of the structure that we had planned to multitrack that night.  "Night" is a rough arrangement of a simple structure that I'd been planning to introduce soon (based on a weird musical dream in Canon Beach).  "Skittery Five" is a pleasantly crazy angular structure that Five had been playing with (it actually has a real name that I'm not sure I'm remembering correctly) ... the rough version you hear here is our first playthrough of the idea.  "Woody's Changes" is something moody and spacious that Woody brought in that might eventually have vocals.

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